On the 30-31st of May 2015, we invited teams of designers, coders, hackers, makers and researchers to come to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Create-4-Dementia. Our aim was to bring people together to share ideas, experiences and concepts as well as build digital prototypes that break-down, problematize and otherwise explore the digital design space around dementia and dementia care. We wanted to motivate critical, even subversive, provocative designs that might attempt to raise questions rather than provide technical solutions.

We made our invitation open to a wide range of people, including: software and hardware developers, designers and practitioners with backgrounds in, for instance, Human-Computer Interaction, interaction design, healthcare or education, or anyone who was interested in identifying new ideas, critiques and digital designs for the care of people with dementia. Teams competed for juried prizes and we provided space for work, rest and creativity as well as food, inspiring speakers, mentors and prototyping hardware and facilities.

Below is a video of what we got up to at the event


To see what projects the teams came up with, check out the projects page, and to see who won what, go to the awards & jury page.